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Guarantee Check Cashing System

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Biometric scanner

#1 Biometric Check Cashing Solution

Guarantee Check Cashing System

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For today’s check cashing merchant, stopping fake checks and fake IDs is a constant challenge. Our Payroll Check Cashing System scans a person’s fingerprint to positively identify the customer and serve them quickly and confidently.
This compact check cashing system eliminates fraud, tracks check cashing history and increases repeat business. Customers love using our Payroll Check Cashing System and are loyal to businesses that recognize them and serve them quickly. Our company is so confident that our Payroll Check Cashing System will eliminate fraud, we even offer an optional check guarantee solution.
"Within the first 24 hours our system was installed, we caught someone trying to pass a
counterfeit check. We could have lost almost $500." - Richard Wolfe, Owner of Easy Cash

A Better Way to Cash Checks

ELIMINATE FRAUD -  With fingerprint scanning, our system detects repeat offenders - no matter whose check they have - to stop them from cashing another bad check.  Plus, the fingerprint scanner stops most "check runners" from even trying to cash a bad check.

TRACK CUSTOMER HISTORY - Easily identify your good customers and turn away the bad. Each enrolled customer's record includes photo, contact information and check cashing history within your store. After a quick fingerprint scan, the clerk confirms identity and views the previous store activity- including any special notes or negative activity throughout the network.

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INCREASE REPEAT BUSINESS - Keep the growing market of unbanked consumers coming back to you for valuable service. Customers love to use their finger as ID for fast and secure check cashing. Honest customers always return to a business that knows and trusts them, and many tell their friends and co-workers about our Payroll Check Cashing System.
SPEED TRANSACTIONS - Handle more transactions in less time. Repeat customers only need to supply their finger as ID for fast, accurate identification. With instant access to a customer's picture, contact information and check cashing history, there is less need to check IDS, call a bank or call the check maker.
IMPROVE PROFITS - Our Payroll Check Cashing System is a cost-effective system that provides real value. With reduced fraud, streamlined operations, and increased store traffic, it won't take long to add to your bottom line.
REDUCE MANAGER INVOLVEMENT - Payroll Check Cashing System makes it easy to cash checks with confidence, even without a manager present for a final approval. The clerk can be sure of the customer's identity and is alerted to any unusual check activity in their history.
MAKE CHECK CASHING EASY - Payroll Check Cashing System makes it easy for clerks to comply with check cashing procedures. After a fingerprint scan identifies a customer, the clerk simply runs the check through the reader, follows the instructions and instantly sees the recommendation to accept or decline the check.

"Since we installed we haven't taken a single counterfeit or fraudulent check. This
same time last year I had already lost $3,700." - Steve Garewell, Owner, Big G Food

Here's how it works ... just a few quick and easy steps!

Safely processing a check is simple...
  1. Step 1 Customer places finger on the scanner.
  2. Step 2 Customer's information and picture appears on the screen.
  3. Step 3 Clerk runs paycheck through the check reader to automatically record the check information.
  4. Step 4 Customers check cashing history appears on the screen instantly along with the clear recommendation on accepting the check.
  5. Step 5 Clerk enters check amount and fees are automatically calculated.

"We have seen about a 70% reduction in fraudulent
payroll checks." - Joyce Smart, Bi-Lo Supermarkets

Exceptional Features

BETTER SECURITY FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS - Electronic fingerprint scanning is fast and secure. By using a form of ID that can't be lost or stolen or faked, Payroll Check Cashing System helps you positively know who your customers are and cash their checks with confidence.

Profitable Check Cashing

SET YOUR OWN RULES - A fee table helps you customize fees based on the amount of the check. The fee to charge and amount to pay the customer are automatically calculated, or the clerk can override during a transaction.
ELECTRONIC DEPOSITS - Deposit your checks electronically. Make a deposit to your bank with the click of a button wherever you want; safer and quicker than regular deposits; every check you process is eligible.
CHECK GUARANTEE OPTION - We are so confident our Payroll Check Cashing System will eliminate fraud in your check cashing business, we even offer an optional check guarantee service for checks cashed using our system. What this means is that we will pay the check cashing merchant 100% face value of any bad check that is cashed using our system. This optional check guarantee feature together with the other exceptional fraud prevention tools virtually takes the risks out of check cashing for the merchant.
SHARE NEGATIVE DATA NATIONWIDE - The Payroll Check Cashing System network maintains a secure database that shares bad check activity with all Payroll Check Cashing System merchants. Merchants are alerted if someone is attempting to pass another bad check or has outstanding items at any other Payroll Check Cashing System merchant.
RECOGNIZE PROBLEM ACTIVITY - Customize velocity tracking to be alerted if a customer is attempting to cash an unusually high number of checks within a short period of time, or checks with a high dollar amount — a possible indication of fraud.
ACCESS EVIDENCE REPORTS - If fraud occurs, the Payroll Check Cashing System stops the offender from cashing another check, and helps prepare the merchant to recover the item. Payroll Check Cashing System can provide the merchant a report that includes the customer’s picture, check image(s), and other important customer and transaction information that aids in the recovery process.
MULTIPLE STORE DATA SHARING - This convenient feature allows merchants to instantly share customer information across a private chain of stores, no matter where the customer enrolled within that private chain. This helps improve customer service and build loyalty across the chain.
GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE - Check cashers have a huge burden to comply with the government’s massive reporting requirements. Use our Government Compliance package to more easily meet these requirements and avoid losing your ability to cash checks; includes OFAC SDN checks, and SAR and CTR reporting.
ACCOUNT LOOK UP - Research and confirm information on accounts before you cash the check. An authorized third-party service provider confirms if the account is open, with a positive balance, closed and other important status.
WEB REPORTS - View and manage your store transaction data 24/7 with our powerful web reporting tool. Search for customer’s transactions, system totals, to mark a transaction as bad, and much more.

"People simply like the fact that they can cash a check without the hassle. We've never had
a complaint, and I cant begin to tell you how many times people have come up to me and
thanked me for making cashing a check so easy." - Jimmy Wright, Owner, Wright's Food

Payroll Check Cashing System Overview

The Payroll Check Cashing System is compact and specifically designed with a small footprint. Staff training is provided on the easy point-and-click software during your installation. In addition, this powerful business tool makes managing your business easy — even with multiple store locations. From enrolling new customers to running accounting reports, Payroll Check Cashing System is ready to make your check cashing service easy, profitable and ready to grow.
Payroll Check Cashing System

Payroll Check Cashing System includes:

  • Payroll Check Cashing System software and free standard software upgrades

  • Access to the largest biometric database of negative check cashing data.

  • Digital PC camera to capture and store customer's picture

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner to capture and store customer's fingerprint

  • Check Reader/Imager to capture and store digital images of cashed checks

  • Driver's License Imager to capture and store driver's license information

  • System training at the time of installation

  • Computer with flat screen monitor

  • Secure daily data backup

  • Professional installation

  • Complete manager and staff training


"Customers can conveniently cash their checks and then purchase
the groceries they need, and Rosauers gets incremental revenue that
boost the bottom line." - Mick Mikalson, Rosauers Grocery

What merchants and customers are saying...

On Customer Service:

“Our customers like the system because they’re not hassled every time they need to cash a check. They simply put their finger on the reader and they get their money. We make it easy for them, so they continue to come back — in many cases, with new customers.”- Roguel Sanchez, president, El Pueblo Market, California

On Sales and Operations:

"Our check cashing business has increased by 26% since we started using the system."
- Steve Vallance, Manager, Cardenas Supermarkets
“It (system) also frees up our managers’ time because they no longer have to oversee the check verification process...everything is done using the system.”- April Stevens, store manager, Pfeffers Pharmacy, Michigan

On Loss Prevention:

“The system has helped us keep profits that would have otherwise walked out the door with a bad transaction.”
- Tom Duthler, owner, Duthler Family Food, Michigan

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